For many of us, motherhood was something we dreamed about since we were little girls. We spent years trying not to get pregnant, never thinking that achieving a pregnancy (or maintaining a pregnancy) would be so difficult. Hearing your doctor say “This is your diagnosis” feels like a relief after having no answers for so many years; until you learn that you may never get pregnant the “natural” way like your friends did.

"Nikki provides a unique combination of counseling, compassion, and sound advice. With her large knowledge base of family building options, she works diligently and individually with our patients to help guide them through emotional challenges and decision making."

~ Dr. Ronald Feinberg, MD, PhD Medical Director, Reproductive Associates of Delaware
Infertility may be the first crisis you have ever faced. It can take a toll on the best of marriages and relationships, destroy your self-confidence and make you question your faith. Infertility can leave you feeling depressed, hopeless and angry, which then makes you feel guilty, worthless and isolated too. Sound familiar? I can help.

I am committed to helping individuals and couples achieve their dreams of growing their family.

Consultations are available to help those considering adoption and prospective recipients of donor egg, donor sperm, and embryo donation process the common psychological issues related to third-party reproduction.
Included are:
  • Processing the loss you might feel about not having a genetic connection to your child
  • Concerns about how to facilitate bonding and attachment
  • Disclosure to your family, friends, and most importantly, your child

Psychological Evaluations
I am trained to perform psychological evaluations to assess the suitability of egg donors, gestational carriers and surrogates including a two-hour clinical interview and administration of the MMPI-2.